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Minimum System Requirements:

Exam Taker Information
Exam Day Instructions
Starting the exam
  1. Launch Examplify
  2. Log-in with your Student ID and Password
  3. Select proper file from Exam File Location list
  4. Type in the password that is written on the board
  5. Click on the START button
  6. Read through the Disclaimers until you reach an orange screen prompting you to check a box or enter a 4 digit recaptcha and STOP
  7. When the Professor says to Begin, check the checkbox or type the recaptcha and click "Begin Exam"

After the exam
  1. When you are finished with the exam, or the Professor asks you to stop,  Click Exam Options in the top left of the exam. 
  2. From here Click submit exam and select the checkbox to confirm you're ready to submit.
  3. Upon click Exit on the step above, your computer will resume normal operation and attempt to upload
  4. Please ensure that you upload your exam before you leave.  You are safe to leave once you see the large green congratulations screen with a checkmark.

Akron Law Examsoft FAQ's
Will my test be offered with Examsoft? 
The professor has the choice to offer each exam with or without ExamSoft. Once the faculty member authorizes use of ExamSoft then the student has the choice to use ExamSoft or not. 

Do I have to use ExamSoft to take my exam? 
No, at this time, all professors offering Examsoft also allow students to handwrite the exam. 

What are the minimum computer requirements for use with Examsoft? 
They are listed at the top of this page under "Minimum System Requirements"

If it is already installed on my computer, i.e. I used it last semester, do I still need to do this? Or Do I have to register Examsoft every semester? 
Your copy of Examsoft will be good for the entire school year. You will need to install Examsoft in the fall and it will be good until the following August. All accounts are deleted August 31 each year.  It may however be necessary to install updates to the software throughout the year.

Can I change my password? 
  1. Log in with your University ID number and Examsoft password 
  2. Click Change Account Info
  3. Enter new password and confirm it
  4. Click on Save
Can two students share the same computer throughout the finals period? 
NO, you must have your own working computer. 

Can I borrow a laptop from the Law School to take my exam on Examsoft? 
No, there are over 500 Law Students and we don't have that many laptops. 

How long do I have to take my exam? 
Your professor will tell you that before the exam. Each course can be different.

When do I have to upload my exam? 
You must do this immediately following the exam.  Please remember that the sooner that we have your exam the better.

My exam did not upload after the test. What can I do? 
Bring your computer to the Law Technology Support Center and we can plug you into a hardwired connection.   

Can I do a makeup exam? 
You must schedule it with the professor. You may use Examsoft for the makeup exam if you have the exam downloaded and you take the exam during the regular exam period.

What happens if my computer dies in the middle of my exam? 
Reboot the computer. Examsoft should restart and it may ask for an continuation code. Call x5119 from the phone in the room and a law school technician will come and enter the continuation code so you can continue. If your computer fails to restart come visit the Technology Support office. The technician will take your laptop and extract your partial answer file and upload it to the server. You will finish your exam using the blue books.

Who do I contact for troubles with Examsoft? 
You can email questions and problems to
You can call 330-972-5119. We may set up an appointment for you to bring your laptop to room  130

What are the risks that can be associated with using Examsoft?
There are always various risks associated with using Examsoft. You are responsible for assuring that you are fully prepared to use Examsoft on the day of the exam. If you have not fully followed instructions or failed to download the latest updates to Examsoft, you may experience delays in starting Examsoft, and/or  you may be unable to use it at all.

There is the possibility that your exam answer on your laptop could get corrupted/lost before you upload it at the end of the exam. In this case you would not have any record of your exam. However Examsoft saves your exam every 60 seconds as you are typing so we may be able to recover the file in the event something happens. This is of course assuming that there has not been a hardware failure. You also must upload the exam immediately following its completion.  The longer you wait to upload the exam the greater the risk of something happening to your machine.

If you spend time trying to get your laptop working after a malfunction, you are taking time away from writing your answers. This may have a detrimental effect on the grade you receive. If you have a problem with a computer during an examination and think you deserve additional time, you must have your instructor’s permission for additional time right then and there. You cannot expect that time lost during the exam while working on a computer problem will be considered later in how your examination is graded.

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