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Minimum System Requirements:

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(As of September 8, 2022)
Please note the operating systems listed below are not yet supported. Please refrain from updating your computer to the following operating systems:
- Windows 11 22H2 (to be released on Sept. 20, 2022)
- macOS 13 Ventura (to be released later this year)

Boston University School of Medicine & Division of Graduate Medical Sciences

Welcome BUSM & GMS students! 

This is Boston University's ExamSoft Home Page, where you will log in to download your testing software (Examplify), visit demonstration videos, check your exam history, and/or find support information. Login using your BU Kerberos account and password.

Instructions for downloading and registering Examplify:
1. Click Login under Exam Takers.
2. This will redirect you to a Kerberos Authentication page; login with your BU username and password.
3. You will be taken to the Examplify download page. Click Download and follow the instructions to install the application.
4. You may be asked again for Kerberos authentication. When prompted for an Institution ID, type busm and choose Boston University School of Medicine (busm).
5. After Examplify launches, choose Tech Test 2022-2023 and click Download Exam. Key in the Exam Password.
6. Take the test and hit Submit once you're finished.
7. You're all set! Remember to always take this Tech Check the day before each exam to anticipate any tech issues.

For Remote-Proctored Exams:
You have access to a short Practice Exam to test your computer's behavior entering/exiting secure exam mode, to familiarize you with Examplify and the process of downloading & uploading an answer file. Before taking a remote-proctored exam, you should also take the Mock Assessment, which has image verification (ExamID) and audio/video/screen recording (ExamMonitor) enabled.

System requirements for Windows 10 and macOS are located at the top of this screen. Please note: iPads are not currently supported for remote-proctored exams.
Please contact Jack Wolfe (, Andrew Zubiri (, or Erita Ikonomi ( with any questions or feedback. Thank you!
Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. We recommend Firefox or Google Chrome for the best experience.
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