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WARNING: You must install SofTest on the computer you will use on exam day. There is a $50 administrative fee if you wish to re-download.

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Registration period for the 2014 July Bar Exam:
Open Registration: 04/04/2014 9:00 AM (Eastern Time) Close Registration: 06/01/2014 11:59 PM (Eastern Time)
Minimum System Requirements:

Exam Taker Information

SofTest can be used on virtually any modern computer (i.e. purchased within the last 3-4 years). For specific system requirements, please click on Minimum System Requirements above.

Please read thoroughly as the procedures have changed

Process Overview:
1) Download and Register SofTest on your laptop via the Internet.

2) Take a Mock Exam.
3) Bring your registered laptop to the exam and complete your exam (you will not need internet during the exam).

4) Return/upload your answers via the Internet after your exam is over.

Pre-Exam Checklist:

You must complete the following checklist within the established date range in advance of the bar examination:

  1. Log In - Login under the Exam Takers section in the upper left corner with your assigned ID and password (credentials will be emailed to you once the registration opens).
  2. Equipment - Make certain your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
  3. Install - Download and install SofTest on the laptop you will be using on exam day. (NO EXCEPTIONS) WARNING: You must install SofTest on the computer you will use on exam day. There is a $50 administrative fee if you wish to re-download.
  4. Register SofTest Enter your assigned ID and password when prompted to register.
  5. Watch the training videos for SofTest – (5 minutes) Familiarize yourself with SofTest by watching the video available at
  6. Launch SofTest and Take Mock Exam - Complete the Mock Exam and upload the answer file. You will receive a confirmation email when we receive your Mock Exam answer file.
  7. Review Exam Day Instructions – Upon completion of SofTest registration you will be provided information about using your laptop on exam day.


Information on uploading your responses, taking your Mock Exam, ExamSoft and the SofTest application can be found here:

This process must be completed each time you register to take the bar examination, regardless of any previous ExamSoft registrations you may have completed for this bar examination or any other examination.  Date ranges for completing this process are:


For the July bar examination: you must register until June 1 (see above for the exact dates)


Applicants who have not installed the software, registered, and qualified within the date range established for that examination will not be allowed to use their laptop computer for that examination, and will be required to hand write their answers.


How do I download an exam? Exam files will be automatically downloaded to your computer after successfully registering SofTest.  Download and Install SofTest on the laptop you will use on exam day only!


If you do not receive a download confirmation email, contact ExamSoft Client Support by email at or by phone at 866-429-8889.  Failure to do so may result in your having to hand write the examination.


Frequently Asked Questions 


How do I upload my answers? 

Turn on your computer and connect to the Internet.  Note:  Do not launch SofTest until you connect to the Internet.  If you do, exit and reopen SofTest after you have connected to the Internet.  Double click the ‘SoftTest’ icon on your Desktop, and your answers will automatically upload.


When do I upload my answers? 

You are required to upload your essay answers prior to leaving your exam room. 


Will there be Internet connectivity at the test site? 



What if my laptop does not have wireless capability? 

You must have wireless capability to take the exam using your laptop.


How will I know my answers have been uploaded? 

A visual ‘progress status’ (blue bar) is displayed as the upload takes place.  When the upload is complete, a ‘success’ message is displayed.  An e-mail confirmation is then sent to the e-mail address provided when registering SofTest. 

What if I have a problem uploading my answers? 
Technical support from ExamSoft will be available to you at the test site. 


May I practice with the software? Yes.  After registering SofTest, launch the program by double-clicking the “SofTest” icon on your Windows Desktop.  Click the Take an Exam and select Mock Exam from the dropdown menu. This will allow you to familiarize yourself with SofTest. 


What should I do prior to examination day? 

•    Take and Upload the Mandatory MOCK EXAM

•    Ensure that:  (1) you have plenty of free hard drive space, (2) your laptop is virus free, and (3) you read the laptop preparation tips provided at 

•    Locate your A/C – battery power indicator light on your laptop to determine which light indicates you are running on A/C power (i.e., power from a wall outlet).

•    Ensure that your battery is fully charged just in case there is a temporary power outage.

•    Ensure that your computer’s internal clock has the correct date.  To verify date and time, double-click the clock in the lower-right corner of your screen. 

•    If you have SofTest use or installation questions, visit 


What should I do on examination day?

•    Bring your laptop and a fully charged battery.  If you use an external mouse and full-size keyboard, you may bring those as well. 

•    You will be provided instructions guiding you through the process of launching SofTest.

•    Immediately before SofTest launches the examination, you will be provided a warning screen with red STOP signs indicating that you may not begin the examination until instructed to do so.  Heed this warning.

•    Bar applicants who do not take the time to become familiar with their laptop computer or SofTest’s features, should consider hand writing their examination.  No administrative relief will be granted in the event that an examination file is deleted or otherwise altered. 

•    If you encounter computer difficulty during the examination, notify a proctor for instructions. 

•    Any attempt to disable or tamper with SofTest’s security features will be considered a violation of the Examination Administration Rules of Conduct. 

•    It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with your equipment and the SofTest software and instructions provided by ExamSoft on its Web site prior to the start of your examination.  Please allow yourself sufficient time to become familiar with your laptop and the application. 

•    Commencement of the examination will not be delayed due to a hardware or software problem with your laptop, nor will you be provided additional time to take your examination.

•    Do not un-install SofTest until after you receive your examination results.