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Minimum System Requirements:

Exam Taker Information

A quick word regarding digital testing platforms in the College of Nursing. (Please read before purchasing a new or different device.)

We strongly recommend confirming the computer requirements for your courses in the respective syllabus. Although the official testing platform for Undergraduate Programs is
ExamSoft, other testing platforms and remote proctoring solutions may be your Professor's preference. 

Chromebook compatibility is currently problematic, and iPads are effectively incompatible with Lock Down Browser. Most newer Windows laptops as well as MacBooks are compatible
with all platforms; however, older devices may no longer be compatible. 

Students, faculty and staff are able to order Dell PCs and Apple Macintosh computers at a discount for personal use. More information about this can be found on this ETSU webpage:

If you would like assistance determining if your device is compatible to any testing platform, please email David Mills (millsdb@etsu.edu) or Mark Bodo (bodomn@etsu.edu) and
we will schedule a Zoom meeting or other type of appointment. More details regarding Examplify compatibility can be found below.

Hardware and Minimum System Requirements:

Current Minimum System Requirements for Windows, Mac, and iPad [Link] 

Apple devices of a certain age are ineligible for further updates. If you are using an Apple device that remains eligible but has not been updated more than three (3) cycles out, you may contact Apple Support (https://support.apple.com/ | 800-275-2273) regarding an OS update to a newer version of iOS/MacOS

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For best results on exam day: 

  • Download the exam as soon as it is available
  • Your device should be fully charged, updated, and the current version of Examplify installed
  • Have your ExamSoft login information readily available
  • Close all applications (e.g., DropBox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive; Excel; Netflix; Power Point; Spotify; Teams; Word; etc.) and disable
    antivirus/antimalware software (set to re-enable with restart or at least for a period greater than two hours) in addition to any
    dialogue windows or system notifications before launching Examplify
  • Mute or set volume to zero
  • Login to Examplify at least five to ten minutes before the exam scheduled start time to confirm your device is working properly
    and Examplify is functioning as expected
  • iPad Users: after downloading the exam, place your device into Airplane Mode. After inputting the exam password, select 'yes'
    to place the iPad into Single Application Mode. To submit your completed exam, turn off Airplane Mode.
  • Windows Surface Users Using Bluetooth Keyboards: Disable the touch-screen before launching Examplify

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Borrowing a College of Nursing Device

If you do not have a compatible device for exams you may email a request to reserve a College of Nursing device to millsdb@etsu.edu
If something happens to your device at the beginning of an exam, Mark or David are on-site and typically have a device that you can borrow.

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Resource Links:

Examplify: For iPad

Navigate to the app store on your iPad and search for, then install Examplify.
Login to Examplify to complete the registration process.

Examplify: For Mac Books and Windows Devices

From the links below, you can simply download the latest version of Examplify for both Windows and Mac OS X devices.
Login to Examplify to complete the registration process.

Examplify: The ExamSoft Portal
- Login to the portal using the information from the system-issued email
- Detailed instructions regarding how to download and register Examplify from the portal
- For Windows [Link]
- For Mac [Link]

Getting Started with Examplify | Video

You can find training guides and as well as recorded webinars regarding Examplify through this link: https://help.examsoft.com/s/article/Examplify-Get-Started-with-Examplify-Video-Guide

Examplify Training Guides:

If you have any questions or problems with installing or using Examplify, please contact either David Mills at millsdb@etsu.edu or Mark Bodo at bodomn@etsu.edu. You can also contact ExamSoft support.
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