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Minimum System Requirements:

Exam Taker Information

All students must download the latest version of Examplify, register the software, and download individual exam files. E-mails will be sent to students with instructions.


ExamSoft Signup & Examplify Registration Instructions

To use Examplify students must complete all of the following steps at least one week prior to exam day:

Step 1: ExamSoft Signup (approx. time: 1 minute)
Step 2: Download Examplify (approx. time: 5 minutes)
Step 3: Register Examplify (approx. time: 1-3 minutes)
Step 4: Download and take "Introduction to Examplify Quiz" (approx. time: 10 minutes) 

The day before exam day:
    Step 5: Download exam files (approx. time: 2-3 minutes)

Examplify can be used on virtually any modern computer (i.e. purchased within the last 3-4 years). For specific system requirements, please click on the Minimum System Requirements link from the tool bar above.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Students have a duty to ensure that Examplify is properly installed, including any Examplify.
    updates, and that all exam files have been downloaded to their iPad prior to the start of the exam period. 
  • Students have a responsibility to ensure that their iPad is in proper working condition prior to the start of their exams, including up-to-date Operating system updates and anti-virus software, and that all installation instructions are followed.
  • Students are responsible for reading and adhering to any and all exam policies concerning ExamSoft.
  • It is the student's responsibility to be familiar with their equipment at the time of the exam. Students will not be permitted to delay the start of an exam due to iPad problems. In the event of a iPad malfunction, STUDENTS SHOULD BE PREPARED TO SWITCH TO A PAPER EXAM.
  • Students should make sure they have a fully charged iPad. All iPads are subject to inspection before and after examination.

Firewalls and/or Virus Protection Software:

Several firewall and virus protection software programs (e.g., Norton, AVG, Kaspersky) interfere with ExamSoft. Most of these programs will allow you to disable them while you take your exams. It is strongly recommended that you disable these programs during the quiz or exam period to ensure ease of use. Be sure to re-enable the program after you upload your exam answer file

How Does Examplify Work on My Computer or Device?

  • Like any other software program you install on your computer, Examplify creates a directory on your hard drive to store various files. Please do not alter any of these files, since it would result in Examplify, not running correctly.  
  • In order to ensure security during an exam, Examplify will turn off any other programs running on your device (e.g. you would not be able to look up an answer on the internet) and also record all of your keystrokes (in case there is any question of incorrect scoring or attempts to alter Examplify
    Note: These features operate only during the time you are taking the exam
  • When Examplify closes after the exam ends, you will be returned to the programs that normally open when you start your device. Examplify
    will not re-open programs it closes that are not on your startup list and you should be sure to
    save all your open files prior to opening Examplify
    to avoid losing your work.

Honor Code Notice:
Any attempt to disable or tamper with the security features of ExamSoft will be treated as a violation of the Student Honor Code. The software itself records all keystrokes and any attempt to override the system's security will be noted.

For questions regarding how to use ExamSoft®, please visit the ExamSoft Exam-Taker Help site.
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