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McGill University - Faculty of Law 

The Faculty recommends students do not upgrade to any new operating system until SAO sends out notification that it is compatible with the existing exam software, Examplify from ExamSoft Worldwide.  

Note: Tablets and iPads cannot be used for exams. (Exception: Surface Pro 4). In regards to the Apple feature that allows you to define words using a three-finger tap, this feature MUST be disabled before taking a sit-down exam. If you are using a MacBook Pro you must disable the Touch Bar.


IMPORTANT NOTICE - ExamSoft for Take Home Exams:

Once you have saved your exam questionnaire from the ExamSoft McGill portal you MUST logout. If not, your ExamSoft session may time out and you will encounter problems uploading your exam answer file.


(i) find your term specific exam code via Minerva; 
(ii) determine your assigned ExamSoft password (term specific exam code prefaced by the word “law” Note: password is case sensitive; do not include hyphens or spaces; 
(iii) install and register the latest version of Examplify from  the McGill ExamSoft portal; 
(iv) complete the mock exam and 
(v) download available blank exam file(s).


First year students will use fall term final exam codes to identify December midterm exams.


**DO NOT USE THE FORGOT USER ID/PASSWORD MENU** ExamSoft does not have McGill Law student email addresses; the email functionality is not enabled for our law school. If you have forgotten your password, contact the SAO.


Instructions to access ExamSoft and Examplify can be found on the SAO website Computerized Exams | Student Affairs Office - McGill University

If you have any questions or issues contact the SAO by email, by phone or in person. IT Personnel will be available by appointment only.

Any attempt to disable or tamper with Examplify’s security features will be considered a violation and subject to disciplinary actions. It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with your equipment, the exam software and instructions provided by ExamSoft Worlwide on its website prior to the start of your exam. Please allow yourself sufficient time to become familiar with your laptop and the application. Commencement of the exam will not be delayed due to a hardware problem with your laptop.



During a sit-down examination exam questionnaires will be provided in the exam room as hard copy. If you intend to use your laptop to type your exam response, you will be required to use the software Examplify. You will be blocked from accessing any files or applications on your computer and your internet connection will be disabled while you are taking the exam. Under no circumstances can you use your laptop without the approved exam software. Permitted material required for an open book or restricted open book exam, must be brought into the exam room as hard copy

Students install the software Examplify on their computers to turn them into word processors. The exam questionnaire is available for download at a specific date/time and has a fixed duration, but there is no Internet access. For this type of take-home exam, students must download Remote Examplify software, which disables Internet access for the duration of the exam. Students will have access to their summaries and notes on their hard drive.

Take Home Exams with ExamSoft

The software "Examplify" is not used for take home exams.

Take home exams will be administered via the McGill ExamSoft portal at

IMPORTANT NOTICE-Examsoft for Take Home Exams:

Once you have successfully downloaded and saved the exam questionnaire make certain to log out of ExamSoft as the session will time out and you may encounter problems uploading your exam answer file. Should you have issues uploading your completed exam file on ExamSoft, please email it to Saoassignments Law

Students are required to complete the mock take home exam at least 48hrs prior to the actual examination in order to become familiar with the take home download and upload procedure and to allow time to address any unforeseen issues. It is strongly suggested you complete the mock exam during SAO office hours in the event that technical support is required.

When you are ready to take your take home you will: (i) log into the McGill ExamSoft portal using your McGill ID number and assigned ExamSoft password; (ii) follow the instructions posted on the SAO website to download the take home exam questionnaire (timing “count down” begins once the examination questionnaire is downloaded). Then log out of the McGill ExamSoft portal.

Take home examinations MUST be completed once the exam questionnaire has been downloaded.

When you are ready to submit your take home answer file you will (i) log into the McGill ExamSoft portal using your McGill ID number and assigned ExamSoft password; (ii) follow the instructions posted on the SAO website to upload your take home exam answer file.

During final exams the take home examination period ends at 5pm on the last scheduled day of the Law Examination Period. Take home examinations submitted late (outside of the exam duration or examination period) will be subject to late penalties.

If found these instructions were not followed students may be subject to disciplinary action.

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