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ExamSoft enables the Undergraduate Medical Education Program to implement more robust assessment practices while ensuring students complete assessments in a secure and stable offline environment.  The aim of this change is to improve the formative feedback that students receive throughout the program.  

ExamSoft is the portal you are logging into now.  In this portal,
Students can view a history of completed assessments and download a copy of Examplify;  
Faculty can grade students' completed assessments.

Examplify is the application that students use to complete assessments on personal laptops.  

Once you receive confirmation that your ExamSoft account is activated, thank you for taking the time to 
  • Complete a mock assessment to ensure that you are familiar with Examplify and that the application runs smoothly on your laptop
  • Ensure your battery is charged, your files are saved, and your operating system is up-to-date before sitting an assessment using Examplify 

Please remember: While sitting an assessment in Examplify,
  • Other applications will be closed
  • Your laptop will be disconnected from the internet
  • You will be prevented from switching to other applications.  

For support using ExamSoft and Examplify
Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. We recommend Firefox or Google Chrome for the best experience.
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