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Students Eligible to Use Examplify: 
Please contact the Examplify administrator ( at NCCU School of Law before attempting to register, if you have not received your credentials via email.  Students may sign up, download and register Examplify for use on Assessments, Midterms or Final exams.

To Sign up, Download and Register Examplify:
1. Look for the ‘Exam Takers’ tab in the Upper left-hand corner of this page.
2. Type in your StudentID
3. Type in your Password
4. Click Login
5. Look for and click Download Examplify

On exam day, students will need their 3 or 4-Digit Exam Number to take their exam.
PLEASE NOTE: Your 3 or 4-Digit Exam Number will be the only number that will print on your exam.

Minimum specifications for using Examplify: 
Examplify can be used on virtually any modern computer (i.e. purchased within the last 3-4 years). For specific system requirements, please click on the icon above (Minimum System Requirements).

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