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Welcome to the NIU College of Law home page for the ExamSoft exam software. 

As you know, College of Law policy provides that you have the option of taking any essay portion of any in-class final exam on your laptop using ExamSoft software.  ExamSoft software is now available for Mac users as well as Windows users.  Please note that it is entirely up to you whether to use this software.  You always have the option of handwriting your exams in blue books.  If you wish to use the software, you need to log in using the user ID and password you received in the email.  Please note that even if you have used ExamSoft before, you must redownload the software to be sure you have the latest version.  Older versions will not work properly.   

If you have any concerns about the software -- including whether your laptop meets the recommended minimum specifications -- please be sure to check out the minimum system requirements above and the FAQs on the log in page.  The FAQs also address the reliability of ExamSoft's software.

If you choose to download the software and expect to use it for one or more of your College of Law exams, you must be sure to do two things.  First, check the minimum system requirements to make sure your computer is capable of running ExamSoft and that your operating system is supported by ExamSoft (see links at the top of this page).  Second, after you download the software, give the program a test run well before exam day.  We have set up a "mock exam" for this purpose. Even if you have used ExamSoft before, you should give the mock exam a try to make sure you are familiar with the current version of the software.  After you have successfully taken the "mock exam," you will need to download the exams you wish to take using ExamSoft.  The exams will become available for download shortly before exam period begins.  When you have exams available for download, you will receive an email telling you the exams are available.  Once you have downloaded the exams, you will not be able to open them without a password  (unique password for each exam) which you will receive on the day of your exam.  Even if you have downloaded an exam, you may still change your mind and decide to handwrite the exam.  Finally, please note that by using this software, you agree that you will not hold the NIU College of Law liable for any damages arising from its use, including any loss of your exam answer or any effect it may have on your grade for the course.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer is in proper working condition before the exam, that your computer meets the minimum specifications required, and that you followed all installation instructions.

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