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WARNING: You must install Examplify on the computer you will use on exam day. There is a $50 administrative fee if you wish to re-download.

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Registration period for the 2024 February Bar Exam:
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Welcome to Tennessee Board of Law Examiners
Uniform Bar Examination Home Page


Tennessee will be administering an onsite bar exam using Examplify, a secure testing software, provided by ExamSoft. The TN Board of Law Examiners Laptop Testing Policy is Policy P-4.02 and Appendix C-1

Deadlines (all times Central Time Zone)
     • Registration Dates – Registration Opens on June 20, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. and Closes on June 27, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. Failure to register means you will handwrite the exam answers. 
     • You are required to complete the mandatory mock exam. The password to open a Mock Exam is 'mock123'.
     • Deadline to upload the Mock Exam is June 30, 2023, at 3:00 p.m.

An email will be sent by ExamSoft to the email address you provided on your examination application with the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners prior to the opening date of registration. The email will contain your password and user ID. After registration opens, email reminders will be sent weekly until you have completed the registration process. All notices are sent by email only. You must check your email frequently. If you need to make an update to your email address, the update must be made with BOTH ExamSoft and the Tennessee Board of Law Examiners. 

Visit the bar applicant page for additional information and videos on taking the bar exam with Examplify: https://bar.examsoft.com

Examplify can be used on most all modern computers (i.e. purchased within the last 3-4 years) but cannot be used on a tablet or iPad for taking the bar examinationBefore you register, please verify that your laptop meets the minimum system requirements, found at https://examsoft.com/resources/examplify-minimum-system-requirements

Registration steps: 
The registration process must be completed for each exam, even if you registered for a previous bar examination in Tennessee or another jurisdiction, or if you used Examplify in any other setting, such as in your law school. To register, you must complete the following requirements:
     1. Sign Up – Log on to http://www.examsoft.com/TNbar and login with the assigned ID and password in the Exam Takers section in the upper left of the page.
     2. Confirm your device meets ALL minimum system requirements and, if it does, Download and Install Examplify on the laptop you will use on exam day. If you download the software to a computer you will not be using on exam day or you obtain another computer to use on exam day, there is a $50 administrative fee for you to re-download the software on a new device. You are not permitted to use a device with an external keyboard and are not permitted to use an external mouse. Use of a tablet or iPad-type device is prohibited. If you have a device with a detachable keyboard, the keyboard must be docked (attached to your laptop) for the entire examination, i.e., it cannot be separated. If the keyboard cannot be attached to the tablet/monitor, you cannot use the device. For specific system requirements, please click on Minimum System Requirements:   https://examsoft.com/resources/examplify-minimum-system-requirements
     3. Register – Enter your ID and password into Examplify to register your copy.
     4. Download Exam Files and the Mock Exam: Exam Files and the Mock exam will be automatically downloaded to your computer after successfully registering Examplify. You must download the exam files on the device you will use to take the bar exam.
     5. Qualify – Complete and Upload the Mock examination. Failure to complete the mock exam will prevent you from being able to use your computer on exam day.
Information on uploading your responses, taking your Mock Exam, ExamSoft and the Examplify application can be found here: https://bar.examsoft.com/

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR THOSE USING WINDOWS DEVICES/OS: ExamSoft has received reports of issues with the copy/cut/paste icons on the formatting bar. To avoid issues with copy/cut/paste on exam days, please use the following keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste text:


  • CTRL+C to copy
  • CTRL+V to paste

Although no issues have been seen with Mac devices, Mac users may use the following keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste text:


  • Command+C to copy
  • Command+V to paste


It is strongly recommend that you use copy and paste instead of cut and paste.  If cut is accidentally used, we recommend undoing the cut action immediately in order to prevent deletion of content.  To undo a previous cut action, applicants will need to immediately use one of the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Windows: CTRL+Z
  • Mac: Command+Z

or, right click in the essay typing area and choose ‘Undo’ from the dropdown menu or press the undo key on the Essay editor formatting toolbar within Examplify. If an applicant navigates away from the question or continues testing after a cut, content on the clipboard will be deleted. 

Answer Files Upload Deadline:

 Standard Time Applicants: Answer files MUST be uploaded by Wednesday, July 26, 2023 at 9:00 pm prevaling time.

 Accommodated Applicants who will not complete the exam until after the upload deadline will be provided a deadline by separate communication. 


Internet Explorer is not a supported browser. We recommend Firefox or Google Chrome for the best experience.
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