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You have reached the ExamSoft Testing Website for the Tulane University School of Law.

Examplify Installation Instructions
  1. Under 'Exam Takers', click login.
  2. Once logged in, click 'Download'.
  3. A message will appear prompting you to confirm that this device will be the one you will be using to download your exams. Click Yes to confirm.
  4. Run the installer file. Once the installation is finished, you will then be able to launch the application from the Desktop or App tray.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions within the Examplify installer wizard.
  6. Next, launch the application. You must be connected to the internet to register the copy of Examplify and/or download exams.
  7. After installation, launch Examplify and you will be prompted to register.  When prompted, insert the Institution ID: tul and click "Next". 
  8. On the following screen, using the login ID and Password, complete the required fields then click “Sign In”.

Students must download/installation of EXAMPLIFY and COMPLETE the Mock Exam in order to be eligible to take exams on computer.

  1. Click on the Examplify icon.
  2. Click on the 'Mock Exam' from the Available Exam List section. 
  3. Click the green ‘Download Exam’ button in the middle of the screen directly underneath the name of the exam.
  4. Once downloaded you will see a green check-mark confirming it has been successful
  5. Click on Start Exam to begin.

All students were issued a new blind grading ID for the Fall 2023 semester. You will need to login to Gibson Online to get your new blind grading ID.
Make sure that you select the Fall 2023 
semester to bring up the new number. 

Information regarding taking exams on computer may be found on the TLS Intranet at:


Examplify Installation for Windows
Examplify Installation for Windows
Examplify Installation for Windows
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