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Practice Exams - Using the software prior to Test Day

There are practice exams that utilize the different security settings that your faculty will choose. It is recommended all students should take a practice exam prior to their first exam in each midterm/final exam period. The password for the practice (Tutorial) exam is UBALT123.

We strongly encourage you to open the practice exam so that you can learn how to move around in the software.

Anonymous  ID numbers
Your midterm anonymous ID number is sent to you via UBalt email.
Your final exam blind ID number can be found on the student portal (MyUBalt).
The numbers are NOT the same.

The anonymous ID number is pre-programmed in the exam software for you.

Exam Passwords 
Your exam password will be announced by the proctor of your exam at the start of your exam.

Exam Software

You must download and register Examplify ( on your computer in order to take your exams. You will need your 7-digit student ID and the ExamSoft password in order to do this and to login later. (If you have forgotten your ExamSoft password, click the “Lost Student ID or Password?” link underneath the login fields under "Exam Takers".)  All students will need to download the exam answer templates before taking the exam.


If you have trouble with the software, please contact ExamSoft at 1-866-429-8889 (option 3, then option 4). We strongly encourage you to open and “take” the mock/practice (Tutorial) exam – password is UBALT123.  This is how you will tell if you have any glitches in your computer or the software. If you have trouble with the software, please contact ExamSoft. If you have forgotten your ExamSoft password, click the “?” next to the password login screen under exam takers. Please check to be sure your computer’s operating system is compatible with ExamSoft (Windows and Mac only. Please note that iPads are not supported for Examplify here at UB). 

Exam Taker Technical Support: (866) 429-8889 or

If you have any questions, please contact the Law School Exam Team (, in the Office of Academic Affairs.

-- Law School Exam Team


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