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RETURNING USERS: Each academic year, you must install and register the latest version of Examplify even if you used Examplify previously.

Please make sure you read through these instructions:

Will Examplify work on my computer?

Examplify operates on any PC running Windows 10 (but not S or RT), and Apple Macintosh running Mac OS X 10.13 or higher (High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina).   It is not compatible with any virtual machine software.  More detailed system requirements can be found here:

reliable is Examplify?

Examplify has a considerable number of safety features to ensure that answers cannot be lost.  They include:

 ·   An AutoSave feature that automatically saves your exam every sixty seconds.

 ·   Multiple encrypted backup copies of the exam answer file are saved.

 ·   The ability to undo up to 50 of the previous actions per essay question window.

Must I provide my own laptop?

Yes. The program is open to students who are willing to use their own laptop computers for the exam. Students may also rent laptops or borrow them from others.  Unfortunately, none of the desktop PCs in the law school may be used, nor is the law school able to provide any laptops for exam use.

What is the cost of participating in the program?

Currently the fee for students is free. However, because the law school is required to a licensing fee per student use for the software, and a variety of printing and administrative costs, the law school reserves the right to charge a software use fee in future semesters. Once you register your copy of Examplify, the school will be charged the license fee.

What should I do prior to exam day?

You should download and install Examplify.  You should download any exam files that are available to you.   


Ensure: (1) that your PC meets the specifications listed above, (2) that there is plenty of free hard drive space, (3) that your PC is virus free, and (4) that your PC is free of disk errors by running SCANDISK (click Start Button, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Scandisk or Disk Cleanup).

Can I practice using Examplify before the exam?

Yes, there is a Mock Exam created by the Registrar's Office to allow you a "practice" space to try the features of the software.

Who is responsible for printing out my exam answer?

The law school is responsible.  The law school will print out all exam answers and give the answers to the professor for grading. Students may not print out their own exam answers. In fact, printing is prohibited without specialized software that ExamSoft makes available only to the law school.


Please review additional information about exams on the Law School Website and Intranet.

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